How To Grow This Plant At Home?

  1. To plant coffee seeds, these have to be from a recent crop so that they germinate more easily. The best thing is to buy the berries with pulp, which indicates that they are fresh.
  2. The soil for planting must be completely clean. Much better if we do it in a new land, in a mixture of peat (70%) and perlite (30%).
  3. The reproduction is done by mature seeds or cuttings when the good weather season begins.
  4. We should plant the seeds at a depth of 3 – 4 cm and water them abundantly.
  5. Next, we must reduce irrigation to keep the soil moist without puddles. The chosen earth will be of moderate permeability to achieve this balance.

If this process seems very complicated, you can always buy the plant without having to wait for the seed to germinate. The plant will flourish in the third or fourth year. The necessary precautions are: do not expose it too abrupt changes in temperature, remove it outdoors in summer and take special care with pests and diseases such as the fearsome rust or iron stain.

When the berries have a bright red color, the pulp will be removed, and it will be left to dry for two or three days in the sun to later roast the beans, grind them and enjoy a homemade coffee. Also, if we plant the coffee in a garden area, we should know that the plant tends to pick up aromas from nearby fruit orchards, so it is better to plant the coffee tree near an orange tree than from an onion field.

With these simple steps to grow coffee at home, you can enjoy this delicious drink with greater pleasure. And for this moment to be unique and nothing can spoil it, the MAPFRE Home Insurance offers you all the assistance and coverages you need in the event of any unforeseen event.

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